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Knitting History Forum Conference 2021: HEADS, HANDS & FEET

Knitting History Forum/Early Knitting History Group Reconstruction Knitted Sanquhar Glove courtesy of Kirstie Buckland. PLEASE DO NOT USE IMAGE WITHOUT PERMISSIONThis year’s Knitting History Forum Conference is the result of an open call on the theme of Heads, Hands and Feet, examining knitted artefacts and evidence of their production and social context, from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries. We are delighted to present an expanded programme of ten presentations, taking place online throughout the day on Saturday 13th November 2021. See the following programme and book your tickets here:

Tickets are free and open to all, but donations to Knitting History Forum are welcome by Paypal to or visit our Membership page for alternatives and details of how to join KHF.

We look forward to seeing you in November.

Knitting History Forum Conference 2021: HEADS, HANDS & FEET

Saturday 13th November 2021


10.00 โ€“ 10.30 am ย ย ย ย  From fleece to fez in fifteen steps: an interpretation of the 1571 Cappers Act in the 21st century
Kirstieย  Buckland โ€“ Honorary President, Knitting History Forum, UK

10.30 โ€“ 11.00 am ย ย ย ย  Inlandic, Foreign and Speckled Stockings – Harlingen hosiery shops in the 17th century
Gieneke Arnolli โ€“ Former Curator Fries Museum, The Netherlands

11.00 โ€“ 11.30 am ย ย ย ย  From anecdote to statistic: in search of quantifiable data for the volume of production and trade in hand knitted stockings made from wool in England in the later Elizabethan and Jacobean periods
Lesley O’Connell Edwards โ€“ Independent Researcher UK


11.45 โ€“ 12.15 pm ย ย ย ย  “3 pounds Wostid in niting”:ย  Knitted garments in Stuart accounts
Pat Poppy โ€“ Independent Researcher, UK

12.15 โ€“ 12.45 pm ย ย ย ย  “There are few ladies who cannot knit stockings” โ€“ Printed instructions, norms and practice in the nineteenth century
Hanna Bรคckstrรถm โ€“ PhD in Textile Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden

Lunch break

2.00 โ€“ 2.30 pmย ย ย ย  Examining the body of evidence for early knitting.
Jane Malcolm-Davies ย โ€“ The Tudor Tailor UK/Centre for Textile Research, Copenhagen

2.30 โ€“ 3.00 pmย ย ย ย  Holy Hands: Studies of knitted liturgical gloves
Angharad Thomas โ€“ Independent researcher, UK

3.00 โ€“ 3.30 pmย ย ย ย  From jorab (socks) to dastana (gloves): Tracing provenance of hand-knitting in the Indian subcontinent
Pragya Sharma โ€“ Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD), New Delhi, India


3.45 โ€“ 4.15 pmย ย ย ย  Little 16th century feet: The hidden secret of Dutch Groningenยดs knitted stocking of 1540
Constance Willems โ€“ designer, researcher and writer, The Netherlands

4.15 โ€“ 4.45 pm ย ย ย ย  Knitwits: Knitting the Bluestockings. Knitting and the 18th century salon
Nicole Pohl โ€“ Oxford Brookes University, UK

4.45 โ€“ 5.00 pmย ย ย ย  Classic Knits of the 1980s โ€“ a book of colourful knitwear designs by Sandy Black
Sandy Black โ€“ London College of Fashion,ย  University of the Arts London, UK

5.05 pm ย ย ย ย  Closing remarks โ€“ Sandy Black

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