KEME Seminar – August 2017

Strickersvej – Knitters Way is hosting a seminar in August to discuss the KEME project and its findings. There will be speakers on topics ranging from early modern knitted stockings from burials in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, 3D modelling, the significance of the spin angle in knitted fabric, knitted items in the Design Museum, Eramus’s caps and comparing sheep fleece characteristics as well as workshops and broader discussions on the KEME project and citizen or crowd-sourced science.

The KEME Seminar will be held at the Centre for Textile Research in Copenhagen on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th August 2017. Further details are available from the Strickersvej – Knitters Way seminar page on Facebook.

Introduction to Historic Knitting

Introduction to Historic Knitting course, Weald & Downland Museum, September 2016
Introduction to Historic Knitting leaflet

Click to download this leaflet for historian Ruth Gilbert’s one-day ‘Introduction to Historic Knitting’ at the Weald & Downland Museum in Sussex this September 2016.

“A brief practical history of knitting in Britain, looking at the products, techniques, and social history of knitting and knitters from the 16th to the 20th century. We shall be learning to โ€˜knit in the roundโ€™ and to use a knitting sheath, and trying out a number of different techniques. Pictures, samples and items from the Knitting and Crochet Guild Collection illustrate the wealth of resources. This is a course that we hope will inspire you to have the confidence to raid the past in your future knitting projects. Some previous knitting experience would be helpful on this course, but is not essential.”

Friday is already fully booked but Ruth agreed to run another on Thursday 1 September, 2016 as well. Spaces are filling up so hurry to book yours!

Sanquhar Knitting Workshop

Fans of Kirstie Buckland’s wonderful black-and-white glove as featured on our website may be interested in the Sanquhar Knitting Workshop this Saturday 1 November 2014 in Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire. Hosted by University of Glasgow it’s billed as an “ideal opportunity to watch, question and learn how to knit Sanquhar from the experts”.

Sanquhar knitting detail
Sanquhar knitting detail

This is an informal event for knitters and non-knitters alike. Throughout the day there will be tours of the Sanquhar Tolbooth Museum focusing on the Sanquhar knitting collection, local knitters demonstrating traditional Sanquhar patterns and designs and opportunities to try Sanquhar knitting yourself (wool and needles provided). The Sanquhar knitting project will demonstrate Sanquhar knitting by machine.

Aโ€™ the Airts, Sanquhar
Aโ€™ the Airts, Sanquhar

Three speakers are also scheduled: Lynn Abrams of the University of Glasgow on โ€˜Scottish knitting in the Scottish landscapeโ€™, Tom van Deijnen (TomofHolland) on โ€˜Sanquhar Gloves: from piecework to a modern classicโ€™ and Fiona Scott of Makeworks on โ€˜The value of making: focus on Sanquharโ€™.

The knitting workshop runs from 11.00-3.00 at Aโ€™ the Airts, High Street, Sanquhar. Admission is free.

Tudor Merchant’s Cap Workshop

Emma Vining, a Knitting History Forum member and one of the attendees at our Tudor Merchant’s Cap workshop, has posted about the day on her blog

Many thanks to our tutor Gary Hayton for leading the workshop and to everyone involved in organising, publicising and making the day so enjoyable.