“Knitwear Has Become Interesting” – Visionary Knitwear at the Fashion and Textile Museum

According to the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey, one unnamed journalist said “knitwear has become interesting”. This is hardly news to students of knitting history. Knitting constantly evolves, develops and surprises.

The thoughtful, intelligent selection on display in the mezzanine gallery at the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey is proof, if proofย were needed, that knitting is not only relevant now but at the forefront of design and technological development. ‘Visionary Knitwear โ€“ new directions’ is guest-curated by our very own Sandy Black, Chair of the Knitting History Forumย and Professor of Fashion and Textile Design and Technology of the London College of Fashion.ย ‘Visionary Knitwear’ย showcases contemporary knitting design at its best: innovative, bold, sophisticated and subversive.

Exploring the work both of established designers and recent graduates, all of whom have studied in the UK, the exhibit also highlights the influence of UK design education on knitwear in the global fashion industry. Of the designers featured, Juliana Sissons gave a presentation at the Knitting History Forum Conference in 2011, while Amy Twigger Holroyd will be speaking at the 2015 KHF Conference this November. Head of the Fashion and Textile Museum, Celia Joicey said, “The Museum is privileged to be working with the globally respected academic and designer Sandy Black to highlight the most exciting aesthetic and technical developments. Her expertise and keen eye provide a snapshot of why contemporary knitwear is so exciting.”

“knitwear has become interesting”

‘Visionary Knitwear โ€“ new directions’ complements the museum’s main exhibition, ‘Knitwear Chanel to Westwood‘ and ends similarly on 18 January 2015. Don’t miss it.