General Knitting Links

A sample of the myriad online pages relating to the modern practice and history of knitting, crochet and other non-woven textiles commonly confused with them. It is not a comprehensive list of absolutely everything knitting-related on the internet!

Knitting and Crochet Communities Online
Phoenix Knitters (UK)
Knitter’s Review
Crochet Community
Men Who Knit
Crochetville Community

How to Knit and Knitting Patterns
Knitting (
UKHKA (UK Hand Knitting Association) : Learn to Knit & Crochet
Learn How to Knit
Knitting On The Net

Knitting and the Knitting Industry
Knitting Together (an history of the East-Midlands knitting industry)
The Dales Knitting Tradition
The Keyworth Framework Knitting Industry

Extant Knitted Items
A Study Of A Thirteenth-Century Votic Knit Fragment (PDF file)
Fifteenth Century Knitted Cap from Basle
Knitted Sixteenth Century Caps At The Museum of London
Child’s Knitted Undershirt: Sixteenth Century
Boy’s Circular Knitted Cap: Sixteenth Century
Late Sixteenth Century Knitted Silk Waistcoat or Jacket
A Brief Examination of Three Pairs of Extant Pre-Seventeenth Century Silk Knit Hose
Knitted Seventeenth Century Patterned Cap
Seventeenth Century Knitted Silk Waistcoat or Jacket
Knitted Gunnister Cap
Knitting & Crochet Guild Collection: 18th Century
Knitted Mussel Filament Glove [n.d. Collection of Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753)]
Eighteenth Century Spanish Knitted Silk Cap
Late Eighteenth Century Lace from Llantwit Manor
Late Eighteenth Century Knitted Kashmiri Gloves
Knitting & Crochet Guild Collection: 19th Century
The Sottanello Machine-Knitted Vest, 1851
Homespun American Nineteenth Century Mittens
Norfolk Museums & Archaeology Service: Fishermen’s Ganseys
Nineteenth Century Norwegian Washable Pads
Late Nineteenth Century Macedonian Woollen Mittens
Cap Comforter : British Army
1927 Schaparelli Hand-Knitted Woollen Jumper
Bohus Knitting from the Bohusläns Museum
Items from the FTM’s KNITWEAR: Chanel to Westwood Exhibition

Knitting Tools and Accessories
Antique Sock Knitting Machines
Knitting Belt Or Wisker (Moray Council)
Knitting Sheath (BM&AG)
Knitting Sheaths (Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery)
Nineteenth-Century Knitting Implements (LCP)

Period Knitting Patterns
Godey’s Lady’s Book: Work (Crochet, Knitting, Needlework, etc 1852-1860)
The Work-Table : Knitting And Crochet (The Ladies Treasury Of Costume And Fashion)
Knitting Patterns From “Home Work”, 1891
Knitwear Patterns & Instructions from Columbia Yarns c.1916-1922
Patterns from “Fleisher’s Knitting And Crocheting Manual”, 1922
1930s-1950s Knitting Patterns
1940s Patterns To Knit (V&A)
Fifties Favorites: 18 Vintage Knitting Patterns From The 1950s
Downloadable Vintage Knitting Patterns

Historical Reconstructions (Knitting)
Recreation Of A Medieval Egyptian Sock in The Textile Museum, Washington, D.C
Sion Inspired Relic Purses: A Study of Color and Gauge
Knitted Relic Bag
English Woman’s Knitted Wool Stockings, Sixteenth Century
Knitted Tudor Stockings
The Carnamoyle Stockings – Irish Wool Stockings From The Sixteenth Century
Knitted Man’s Hat from the Ship “Gagiana”, 1583
Notes On Eighteenth Century Stockings
Bonnet Knitting Pattern
Knitted Hummel Bonnet (a thesis: analysis from page 85, reconstruction from page 99)
Centenary Stitches WW1 Commemorative Knitting Project
Knitted Twentieth Century Swimsuit Project
Ch’ullu-style Hat

Miscellaneous Knitting History Links
Stockings In The Mid-Seventeenth Century
Regional Knitting in the British Isles & Ireland
Knitting And Identity In The first Decades Of The Nineteenth Century Seen Through Portrait Painting [podcast]
Regional Knitting in the British Isles & Ireland
Popular Gansey Myths
A Short History Of Knitting In Sanquhar
A Brief History of Knitting, Spinning and Weaving In New Zealand
Barrie Knitwear For Chanel : Pre-Autumn 2013 Paris-Edimbourg Collection
BBC Programmes On Knitting

Crochet (
Crochet Partners
Free Vintage Crochet Patterns
Antique Crochet Patterns
Crochetted Sontags During the American Civil War – 1864 Crochetted Sontag Shawl Pattern
Godey’s Lady’s Book: Work (Crochet, Knitting, Needlework, etc 1852-1860)
The Work-Table : Knitting And Crochet (The Ladies Treasury Of Costume And Fashion)
Reclaiming Crochet And Its American History

Nalbinding (Nålbinding, Needlebinding, Nalbindning, Naalbinding, Nailbinding …)
Nalbinding – Nålbindning – Nålebinding
Naalbinding Basic Techniques And Further Stitches
Basic Nalbinding
Nalbinding : Getting Started With The Oslo Stitch
Nålbinding Bibliography
Naalbinding – The History, Origins, Construction And Use Of ‘Needle-binding’ With Specific Reference To The ‘Coppergate Sock’
Nålbinding in Prehistoric Burials – Reinterpreting Finnish 11th–14th-century AD Textile Fragments
Nålebinding Techniques In The Viking Age

Sprang Basic And Further Techniques
Learn to do Språng
Sprang Braiding Community
Early Sprang Bibliography
Sprang – The History, Origins, Construction And Use Of Thread Twisting
Anne Blinks Textile Study Collection: Sprang And Bronze Age Replicas
Hairnets And Bonnets In Late Roman And Byzantine Egypt
Die Rekonstruktion Eng Anliegender Bekleidung Aus Antike Und Renaissance
Identifying Eighteenth And Nineteenth Century Sprang Sashes

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