Knitting History c.1800-1920 : Zoom Talk with Joyce Meader

Joyce demonstrating knitted World War I garments in a re-enactment at Fort Nelson.

On Monday 3 April 2023 Joyce Meader of The Historic Knit will be speaking on Knitting History from 1800 to 1920 and showing items from her collection of historical knitting patterns and equipment.

Joyce is a long-term friend of KHF whose collection is almost as extensive as her knowledge! As well as reproducing and writing about historical knitting, she is particularly expert on knitting for the armed forces and is an informative and entertaining speaker whose talks are lively and well-received.

The talk will be held via Zoom on Monday 3 April 2023 at 7.00pm [that’s 19.00 GMT+1 / UTC+1] and last about one-and-a-half hours. Tickets cost £10 Sterling per person. Any surplus will be donated to Sightsavers, a UK charity which treats and prevents avoidable blindness.

Further details available by following the link.

This is not a Knitting History Forum Event, so please direct any queries to Moonrocker on Ravelry.

Joyce Meader With Her Reproduction Crimea War Jumper, Presentation At The Knitting History Forum Conference 2014. Photo By I N Eliatamby
Joyce Meader’s presentation at the Knitting History Forum Conference 2014